Quality Duplication: We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of key blanks in Australia. This means we can duplicate just about any key you may have, for your HOME, BUSINESS or MOTOR VEHICLE.

Locks without Keys: We can manufacture a key to suit just about any lock. If you don’t know where the old keys are, we can change the existing lock to suit a different key. This saves you the expense of buying a new lock.

Keys to Code: We use the latest in computer controlled cutting technology that can generate “perfect” keys to code. Not only do you get perfect keys, but the speed at which keys can be generated decreases the amount of time you need to wait.

Automotive Keys: From the vintage vehicle to the latest models, Keycut Services can provide keys to most vehicles, including transponder key technology. Keycut Services has invested in the latest machinery and software technology that allows us to duplicate most transponder keys and generate transponder keys to a vehicle when the original keys have been lost or stolen.