Service Capabilities

QDo you operate a mobile service?
AYES. Keycut Services has fully equipped mobile vans to attend to
your security needs on-site. Wherever you are, we’re ready to go.
QI want to upgrade the security of my Home. Do you come out to the house to
do your surveys/quotes and is this service free?
AYES. In most cases. Keycut Services will visit your Home or Business to
survey and quote on what suits your level of risk and budget. FREE OF CHARGE.
QDo you have Credit Card payment facilities?
AYES. Keycut Services can process MasterCard, Visa, and American
Express credit card payments, as well as debit card facilities.
QWhat sort of Warranty is on your products and service work?
AKeycut Services upholds the Warranties as stipulated by the manufacturers of the products we sell. Keycut Services’ own service work is guaranteed for a period of six(6) months commencing on the date of completion of the work performed. This guarantee is pending on the proof that any such fault was a direct result of poor workmanship of an employee of Keycut Services and not of the actions of any other party or parties.
QDo you have an After-Hours emergency service?
AYES. Keycut Services provides an After-Hours service for any emergency situations. For all our contact numbers select the Contact link at the top of the web page.
QCan you supply product brochures?
AYES. Keycut Services has a lot of product information and brochures on many
of the products we supply and Keycut Services are only too happy to supply
you with any information you require.
QIf I purchase new Locks from you but want to install them myself, will you
explain how?
AYES. Keycut Services is only too willing to give advice on the installation
of any of the products we supply.