Masterkey Systems

A Restricted System can be used for a single Lock or be utilised in a large Master Keyed operation.
The benefit is that you have complete control over who has Keys and what Keys operate what areas,
giving you peace of mind.

QCan you make a Lock and Key system for my Home that is of high security?
AYES. Keycut Services can provide you with a high security system of Locks and Keys
that gives you complete control of the number of Keys issued and the areas of
your Home that Keys can have access to.
QCan I have a Lock system that will allow me access to everywhere, but control
others access to selected areas, so each user only has to carry one Key?
AYES. Keycut Services can provide your business with a Master Key System that will
allow you to do that. Our locksmiths can survey your business premises, design and
install a small or large multi-level Master Key System to meet your business security
QWhat is a Restricted Key System?
AA Restricted Key System allows you complete control over the issuing, duplication
and maintenance of your Locks and Keys. No work can be legally performed on either
an existing or a new system of Locks and Keys unless the proper authority is
submitted to the Locksmith with whom the restricted system is registered.
QIf I lose a masterkey do I have to change or rekey all the locks relating to that system?
ADepending on the type of system you have. Standard systems and most high security
systems will require you to have all the locks rekeyed which can be quite expensive and
time consuming.
However, Keycut Services is privileged to be agents for “Galaxy” and “EKA” products that
allows keys to be easily deleted from a system and new master keys generated without
the need to change or rekey locks, thus saving time and money.