QDo you cut Keys?
AYES. Keycut Services has one of the most comprehensive ranges of Key blanks in
Australia and are able to duplicate just about any Key in circulation.
QI own an old “Queenslander” that has the old-style Rim Locks on the doors.
Can you cut Keys for them?
AYES. Keycut Services can manufacture Keys for just about all of the old-style Locks
so you can keep that colonial or original look.
QDo you have coloured Key-blanks?
AYes. We have many decorative key blanks that satisfy customers’ various tastes, whether
it be colour or a humorous design, we are sure to give your keys that different look.
QDo you cut Keys for cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture Locks?
AYES. Keycut Services can cut Keys to just about any of these types of Locks.
QCan you cut Keys for Filing Cabinets?
AYES. Keycut Services can cut Keys to code or lock for all standard Filing Cabinet Locks.
QCan you cut Keys for Safes?
AYES. Keycut Services can cut Safe Keys for a variety of Safe Locks, from the
simple single-lever Locks to high security multi-lever Safe Locks.
QCan you cut Car Keys?
AYES. Keycut Services can cut Keys to just about all Vehicles, from the early vintage
models to the latest high-security Transponder motor vehicle Key.
QThis is the original Key for my Car. It is now very worn and I have to “jiggle” the
Key to make it work. Can you cut me a perfect Key from this Key?
AYES, usually. Keycut Services has the technical capabilities to de-code your existing
Key to match an existing code for your Vehicle. In most cases this will save you the
additional costs of removing Locks from your Vehicle to make that perfect Key.
QI lost the Key to my Car. The Key used to work everything. Is there a way you
can cut a Key to my Car?
AYES. Depending on the make and model of the Vehicle, Keycut Services can advise
you on where and how to locate a possible code for the Vehicle Key, saving you
the additional expense of us de-coding the Locks.
QCan you cut Keys for my Motor Bike, Boat, Tractor or Plant Equipment?
AYES. Keycut Services can cut Keys for just about any Lock.