Keycut Services can help you choose the right safe for your level-of-risk.

We can also gain emergency entry to, and/or repair and service your existing safe or strong-room.

Safes need to be selected with care to ensure the correct model meets your security needs. Keycut Services supply the following types of safes:

  • Floor-standing Safes
  • In-floor Safes
  • Drug Safes
  • Home Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Data and Document protection Safes
  • Pistol Safes
  • Rifle Safes

(All Safes can be supplied with Key, Combination or Digital type access.)


Other matters to consider when choosing a Safe are:

  • Level of Fire-resistance
  • Level of Torch Drill resistance
  • Environment in which the Safe will be located
  • Type and level of Access Control
  • Level of risk rating, i.e. the contents value the Safe can hold that will be covered by insurance


Service and Emergency Access:
Keycut Services have professional Safe Technicians that can ensure your Safe is kept in tip-top working condition through our annual maintenance program. Our Safe technicians are also able to gain Emergency access to your Safe or Strong-Room.

Keycut Services will delight in solving any problems you may have with either choosing the right Safe or gaining entry or repairing your existing Safe.