Q Do you sell Safes?
A YES. Keycut Services can sell you a Safe to suit your individual needs,
level of risk and budget.
Q What sort of Safes are there?
A Keycut Services can supply you with, Free-Standing, In-Floor, Wall, Home,
Drug, Computer-Data Protection or Pistol and Rifle Safes, as well as
fire-safe Security Chests. Safes can be operated by Key, Combination
or Digital Access. Use our expertise to prescribe the right Safe to suit
your own individual need and insurance requirements.
Q Is it necessary to service Combination Safes?
A YES. It is recommended that your Safe is serviced once a year depending
on the extent of the Safes’ use. Keycut Services has accredited Safe
Technicians that will maintain your Safe in “tip-top” working condition
through our maintenance program. It should be noted that if you notice the
Combination Mechanism is becoming loose or tight or not operating as
normal, contact us immediately. The Safe is giving you a warning that all
may not be well with the Lock.
Q Can you change the Combinations on our Safe?
A Yes. Keycut Services Safe Technicians are approved by the Australian
Security Intelligence Organisation and can change the Combinations to your
Safe, guaranteering complete confidentiality. When we change Combinations
we will also service the Safe at the same time if required.
Q I have just bought a business with a Safe and I don’t know the Combination.
Can you help me?
A YES. Our trained professional Safe Technicians at Keycut Services will gain
emergency access to your Safe or strongroom and restore the safe to its required specifications.
Q Do you sell big, Fire-resistant Data Cabinets?
A Yes. Keycut Services can provide you with a customised Safe to suit your
own business needs.